PumarShop Cosmética Natural Cinnia Natura Natural Revitalizing Facial Cream with Biocolygen and Shea Butter 50 ml

PumarShop Cosmética Natural

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Natural Revitalizing Facial Cream with Biocolágeno and Karit Butteré. Improves the Signeza and Elasticity of mature pieles.   Prevents the #243 of Wrinkles. Provides Nutrients and Vitamins A, D, E and F.

Crema Revitalizing Natural that improves the Firmness and Elasticity of Mature Skin.  With Colágeno, Shad Seed Oil and Manteca de Karité, Previene the wrinkles apparitionón. Aporta Nutrients and Vitamins that actúan as Antioxidants.

This Revitalizing Facial Cream contains a High #243 Concentration of Cabbageágeno that penetrates the Skin providing Hydrateón and Nutrición, filling wrinkles and providing the skin a #225 appearance;s Liso.

The Acción of the Colágeno is combined with other Natural Ingredients such as Shad Seed Oil with Vitamins, Antioxidants and Minerals  which protects the Skin from UV Rays and gives it a more #225 youthful appearance. It is also #233 a Magnificent Moisturizer.

 The Manteca de Karité stands out for its high capacity of Hydrationón that allows the Skin to be more #225 flexible and healthy. It is also an important source of Vitamins A, D, E and F that intensely nourish the epidermis and with the contribution #243 of these, it becomes #160; an important Regenerator and Repairer.

Our Face Cream is very moisturizing and can be used by both Women and Men. From Cinnia Natura We recommend your used Daily to Mitigate Wrinkles and Prevent the Aparición of these, get a Skin más Firm and Elástica.

: Apply, for the #241 most, a small #241 amount on the palm of the hand. Extend it vertically and upwardly on the face and vertically and descendingly on neck and neckline.

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