Plano a Plano The Solidarity Calendar Serve and Protect 2022

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Plano a Plano

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El Calendario Solidario Servir y Proteger 2022 was born with the idea of uniting the protagonists of our police series with agents and real units of the Corps Nacional de Policía, with the collaborationón of RTVE. In an act of solidarity, all the profits from the sale of this calendar goán destined to the FHCNP (Fundación Huérfanos de la Policía Nacional) and AMIFP (Asociación in favor of people with disability of the Policía Nacional).

Homenaje the CNP while showing the most unknown and supportive facet of the actors who Serve and Protect stars in

The initiative has had the participation of different units of the CNP así as actors and actresses of the TVE series, Servir y Proteger.

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