LAPASIÓN Powders, cider cutter, homemade butter, wine rosco and puff pastry 3 kg



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Frutos secos


Sin azúañadidos, with sweeteners.

In LAPASIÓN we think of all and so we have this range of powders made with maltitol so that Christmas can be enjoyed without worrying about the level of azúcar.

Presented in a box with 3 kilos:

  • Polvoró&n of almond and Roscos wine with sweetener.
  • HYSk-#250 free eyelets;añadidos with sweeteners.
  • Made butter without azúañadidos with sweeteners.
  • ddd talk with maltitol.

POLVORÓN ALMENDRA with sweetener: TRIGO flour, lard (antioxidant E - 320), sweeteners (isomatose, maltitol), ALMENDRA (7%), cinnamon and limó aroma;n. Contains azúnaturally present.

HOJALDRADA: Ingredients: WHOLE wheat flour, lard (antioxidant E - 320), wine (contains sulphites, sweetener: maltitol, salt, vador conser: sorbate potásico, antioxidant: ácítric acid, sweetener: E - 955 and limón aroma contains azúnaturally present cares

CASERO MANTECADO: TRIGO flour; lard (antioxidant E - 320), sweeteners (maltitol, isomatose), ALMENDRA (7%), SÉSAMO and cinnamon. Contains azúnaturally present.

CIDRA CUTTING WITH MALTITOL: ángel hair with maltitol (pumpkin pulp, maltitol, thickeners (E-410, E-407), preservatives (E-202, metabisulphite sódico (sulphite)), pH regulator (E-330)). Contains sulphites. Wheat flour (contains gluten. Lard (antioxidants E-320, E-321 and stabilizer E-471. Maltitol. Wine (contains sulphites). Preservatives (starchón corn, E-200, E-202, E-281, E-341, acidulant E-330 and stand E-551. Gasifier (E-450i, E-500ii). Salt. Aromas.

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