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Redients: Tuber aestivum Producción silvestre. The truffle is supplied clean, laminated or ground with its own traceability control.

#243 Commercial Presentation: #237 bag with 500 grams of summer truffle.

Conservationón: keep in a dry and cool place without moisture. Protect from direct sunlight. Storage conditions: Dehydrated: Keep in a dry and cool place, without moisture. Freeze-dried: Keep in a dry and cool place, without moisture. Fresh: Keep in refrigeration í 4 degrees centídegrees in a #233 container and on blotting paper. They can also #233 be wrapped with kitchen paper individually each piece. If an advanced maturation process is observed #243, wrap in film paper or in the #237 and freeze. Frozen: without breaking frío chain, keep in freezer at -18º C Life útil estimated: Dehydrated: 48 months. Keep in bag or jar in a cool, dry place. Freeze-dried: 48 months. Keep in bag or jar in a cool, dry place. Fresh: 20 días variable in herméticas and refrigerated conditions, between 2 – 4 ºC Frozen: 48 months in bag vacíor in freezer (-18º C) without breaking the coldó chain;, if this occurs, consume as fresh truffle.

Benefits, intolerances and risk groups: #243 population destination: #243 general population. Alérgenos: does not present intolerance to alérgenos. It does not contain GMOs.

Gastronómicas recommendations: Dehydrated: ground to add as a condiment to potatoes, nuts, soups,… It can be used as an ingredient in truffled preparations. Freeze-dried: It can be used as an ingredient in truffled preparations. Rehydrated can be given the same use as fresh, although its freshness is never the same. Fresh: To consume with any dish of meat, fish, eggs, pasta, rice, salad, vegetable cream,… Add once the dish is finished. Frozen: Consume unfrozen, well grated, laminated, on sticks, … on any plate of meat, fish eggs, pasta, rice, vegetable cream,… Add once finished the dish.

Characteríorganolésticas: Color: its skin called peridium is marrón-black to black, with prominent pyramidal warts. Its flesh called gleba is of marrón light color with numerous and fine white veins. It gets dark as it matures.

Aroma: soft and pleasant as toasted malt. Flavor: of medium intensity to nuts: nuts and hazelnuts. Texture: firm and fleshy.

Our dehydrated mushrooms are #225 available in the following varieties:

• ORONJA, OU DE REIG (Amanita caesarea)

• BLAZEI (Agaricus blazei Muriill)

• BOLETUS LÁMINA 1ª(Boletus edulis)

• CHAMPIÑON DE PARIS (Agaricus bitorquis)

• THISTLE MUSHROOM (Pleurotus eryngii)


• MAITAKE (Grifola frondosa)

• MORILLA (Morchela cónica)

• PERRECHICO LÁMINA (Calocybe gambosa)

• PLEUROTUS LÁMINA (Pleurotus ostreatus)

• REBOZUELO (Chantarellus cibarius)

• ATROMPETADO REBOZUELO (Cantharellus tubaeformis)

• REISHI (Ganoerma lucidum) for infusions

• NISCALO (Lactarius deliciosus)

• russula (russula virescens)

• WHOLE SHIITAKE (Lentinus edodes)

• SHIITAKE LAMINA (Lentinus edodes)

• YELLOW TRUMPET (Cantharellus lutescens)

• DEATH TRUMPET (Craterellus cornucopioides)

• BLACK WINTER TRUFFLE (Tuber melanosporum)

• SUMMER TRUFFLE (Tuber aestivum)

Each of our varieties of dehydrated mushrooms is presented in different formats and #241 size. We also #233 have exclusive #241 size for hostelería. 

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