la casa de las setas Backpack setera Marsupio Nature

la casa de las setas

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Mochila para recolección de mushrooms de gran capacidad, 50 l. With double compartment to separate species. #241 Designed and adapted for mushroom collection #243.

This setera técnica backpack incorporates an internal structure to provide rigidity and protect the collected fungi. In additionás, it has double grid to be able to separate the boletus of other species más pequeñas.

Incorporated adjustable chest and waist tape for better #243 grip of the backpack setera. In additionás, in the rear it carries a series of cushioned areas for a much more #225;s cómode and comfortable use

Comply with the regulations incorporates a grid background to facilitate the dispersionón of spores. This grid can be closed by a zipper when it is not necessary to use it.

Conscovers a double compartment to separate species or to divide the útil space of the backpack. Backpack versátil, its internal compartment helps to lighten the weight of mushrooms and facilitate their transport and conservationón.

Incorporated an internal handle and a tape to facilitate its transport when we do not have the backpack on our back.

Includes several object-carrying pockets: Central pocket carrying objects (mushroom knife, outdoor GPS), side pockets and pocket over the top of the setera backpack.

Metálica structure to give rigidity to the backpack, from fácil installationón.

Characterísticas Mochila setera Marsupio Nature:

  • Capacity 50 l.

  • Dimensions: Height 53 cm., width 35 cm., length 28 cm.

  • weight 2600 g.

  • So-tex Ripstop weaving, super resistant and anti-rain.

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