Carlota Monerry RG Dermis Revitalizing Cream 21 - 50ml bottle

Carlota Monerry

Carlota Monerry

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G Dermis 21 cream is a cream made with top quality 1st-pressure cold olive oil, selected cereals (both organically produced) and rosemary essential oil.

A authentic skin food, which naturally reinforces the hydrolipid barrier, improving its structure and elasticity, as well as hydration and nutrition, increased the natural defenses of the skin and activating cell renewal.

Contended to slow down premature aging, as it protects and repairs the skin of those external agents that are continuously attacking it (pollution, stress, adverse weather conditions...), "being a wonderful balm and repairer for skins that have been exposed to the sun".

Returns the vitality, firmness and freshness of healthy skin


Recomed for all skin types

  • For its cereal making, this cream contains gluten

Action Features:

  • our

  • hydrator

  • Revitalizing (skins off)

  • Blader (purifies small skin imperfections)

  • Emoliente (red and allergic skin soothing)

  • So soft (for cereal content)

Use time:

Appling on the face, neck and déco décote 2 times a day, morning and night (preferably with a little damp skin

  • 50 ml bomb

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