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Near craftsmanship in botellín mini. The smallest #225 on #241 the market. The perfect drink,

Zurito®, a registered trademark to give its name to a product that emerged from the #243;n, now reinvented.

  • Impresión general: an American craft beer fácil to drink and accessible, oriented to malt, often with interesting notes to lúpulo or carácter of malt. Well balanced and clean, it's a refreshing pint with no aggressive flavors,

  • Aroma: light to moderate aroma of sweet malt, possibly with a slight note of bread or caramel. It may have a low to medium #250 aroma with common cítricas.

  • Color: soft yellow to deep gold. Clara to brilliant. Low to medium white foam with regular to good retentionón.

  • Sabor: soft initial maltose sweetness, lú flavor;light to moderate non-too aggressive pulo. Medium-low to medium bitterness, but the balance is usually towards malt or aún between malt and lúpulo.

  • 100% Artisan.

  • 100% Local.

  • 100% Blonde Ale.

  • 24 bottle box - 18 cl/bottle. 

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