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Vivir es Urgente. La T-shirt de Pau - Mujer - Galego - Canarias

Vivir es Urgente.

Help! Ideas Buenas

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A T-shirt of Pau é unha initiative of "Jarabe against cancer", "Help! Good ideas" and "CRIS against cancer".

Coa buys desta t-shirt in, you collaborate with "CRIS against cancer" na investigación desta grave enfermidade.

O cancro é responsible for 1 in 5 deaths in Spain, só superados polas enfermidades cardiovasculares e a COVID-19.

Pau deixounos hai agora un ano, pero deixounos as súas cancións, e un valioso legado de vida. Unha philosophy, in the form of a t-shirt, that we lack of how to lose or medo á morte, but, above all, how to lose or medo to live.

This shirt was from Pau, agora é de todos.

Stable bed, made of certified 100% organic cotton:

  • Algodón of high quality of 180 grams and 100% peiteado
  • Lay to pass or ferro
  • Recommended wash at 30ºC

A carbon offset deste produto é de 2.5 kg.

See the carving here:

Buy this agora t-shirt at Correos Market and participate directly in the cancer research coa Foundation "CRIS against cancer".

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