Vitaly Natural Pet Food VITALY WILD BOAR 400 G Natural Wet Food for Dogs

Vitaly Natural Pet Food

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Natural Complementary Wet Food and Hypoallergenic for Adult Dogs of All Breeds and Sizes.

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Vitaly Wild Boar in a complementary natural and hypoallergenic wet meal for adult dogs (from 1 year and a half) of all breeds and sizes. Wet food stands out for its great contribution in hydration in the dog due to the water it contains. As well as by a sabor and aroma more intense. It also stands out for providing a ek digestion of food.

The wet food Vitaly Wild boar contains a total of 50% meat sy meat products of monoprotein wild boar. This meat provides a high content of proteins and fats for good dog health. The rest of its composition is cooking water, which provides a great level of hydration in the dog. This food provides an optimal combination of proteins of high quality and digestibility, fats and vitamins for perfect dog health. In addition, it is GMO and GM. It has a alto contained in muscle. Its formula is also without cereals.

Our product Vitaly Wild Boar it is entirely worked in Spain by veterinarians and nutrologists and uses meats of optimum quality. This makes it a super premium quality, with the best ingredients and without of by-products or transgenics to take maximum care of the dog's health.

Available in can format at 400 g.


  • Advant natural wet food for to all breeds.
  • It contains a percentage of carns of the highest quality of wild boar of 50%.
  • Food susper Premium with 100% natural ingredients.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Formulated no cereals.
  • Suitable content of high-quality protetainability, fats and vitamins.
  • Alto contained in musculo.
  • Alto level of hydration in the dog.
  • Sabor and aroma intensos.
  • Monoprotein.
  • Consy transgenic, or GM (MR organisms).
  • In , or artificial coloring agents, or artificial .
  • It does not carry sapping oil, neither soja, nor dairy.
  • Tampoco contains gluten ni azucares added.
  • Developed entirely in Spain by veterinarians and nutritionists.
  • Sy- Fy
  • Has not been tested on animals for manufacture (Cruelty Free).


  • 400g natural wet food can for adult dogs of all breeds.
  • Eing along with a varied and balanced diet.


  • Engnients: Wild boar (50%), Cooking Water.
  • Analytical constitutions: Moisture (75.0%), Crude Protein (10.25%), Crude Fat (12%), Crude Ash (1.7%), Crude Fiber (0.1%).


  • Managing the dog along with a varied and balanced diet.
  • Bey must always leave clean and fresh water at the disposal of your dog.
  • Ke the container in a soding place without moisture.
  • Serve it to ambience weather.
  • Once opened, keep in the fridge for a 2-day maximum.
  • Consume before the consumption limit preferent date that appears on the packaging.


  • Available in a can of 400 g.

Syy Wild Boar offers your dog to provide balanced nutrition with products of optimum quality and give him a healthy and happy life.

Regree that we will be happy to answer any questions at or by call or WhatsApp 647 81 13 13.

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