Vitaly Natural Pet Food VITALY FISH OIL 125 ML Nutritional Supplement for Dogs and Cats

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Commodological Supplement for Dogs and Cats of Sardine Oil 100% Pure and High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids (DHA-EPA). Especially Recommended for Maintaining Healthy Skin, Shiny Hair and a Healthy Immune System.

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Vitaly Fish Oil is a nutritional supplement of natural fish oil for dogs and cats of any any breed and of age from 4 months. It is especially recommended for maintaining a healthy , a healthy immune system.

Vitaly Fish Oil it is a product whose only ingredient is ruce oil 100% pure, which is a high contribution in fatty acids omega 3 (DHA and EPA). Omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for providing good care for the pet's skin, hair and immune system. They also help the brain development of the pet, and the health of its cardiovascular system since they reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, they favor the nervous system and reduce stress through the regulation of adrenaline.

These fish oil is indicated for both dogs and cats, and especially recommended for those pets with a food deficit to act as food supplement. In addition, it is also highly recommended for pets of ad advanced age ya that helps to control the degenerative processes of age. It is also recommended for use in maturns or in coat to provide the nutritional contribution they need.

Vitaly Fish Oil it is entirely worked in Spain and comes in a practical plastic bottle container with anti-drip dosing cap.

It is available in de 125 ml, 250 ml y 500 ml.


  • Fish oil (sardine) 100% pure for dogs and cats.
  • It has a high content of 3 Fatty acids (DHA and EPA).
  • Indicated for care a healthy piel, shiny hair and a healthy immune system.
  • Help the stem 's brain development.
  • Protects the health of your cardiovascular system reducing cholesterol and .
  • Help reduce stress through adrenaline regulation.


  • Botella of fish oil (sardine) 100% pure of 125 ml for dogs and cats.
  • Use for both dogs and cats to take care of their skin, hair and immune system.
  • Recommended for elderly pets with degenerative problems and for pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Dispensate the oil on the pet's food according to dosage table.


  • Engneries: sardine oil.
  • Aslytical constitutions (per kg): Omega 3 Fatty Acids (DHA: minimum 10.0%, EPA: minimum 20.0%), Vitamin E: Minimum 150 mg
  • Pulsation essential fatty acids (3.5 ml): DHA: 193 mg, EPA: 580 mg.


  • Mire the special dosage table for Vitaly Fish Oil to know the proper daily dose you should give your pet about their food, taking into account their weight.
  • Bey must always leave clean and fresh water at the disposal of your dog.
  • Sose the container in a so fresh place (10 ºC to 25ºC) and without moisture.
  • Consume before the consumption limit preferent date that appears on the packaging.

weight Pulsations/day
Up to 12 kg 1
12 to 25 kg 2
25 to 40 kg 3
More than 40 kg 4


Sy offer Vitaly Fish Oil to your dog or cat to provide nutritional support with products of optimum quality and give him a healthy and happy life.

Regree that we will be happy to answer any questions at or by call or WhatsApp 647 81 13 13.

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