VitalSí® CALAGUALA (Polypodium Leucatomos)



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La calaguala is a medicinal plant native to the Perú belonging to the family of the Polipodiáceas desarrollándose between 2200 to 3000 m above sea level. Since ancient times the rhizome of this fern has been used to treat cutáneos disorders and as a blood purifier. The rhizome of the calaguala contains más of 10% of triterpenes (calagualine), steroids (ecdysome, ecdiserone, etc.), lípidos (ápolyunsturated fatty cidos), flavonoids, ácidos fenólico (p-cumárico, ferúlico, cafeico, etc.), tannins, resin, mucílake and essential oil. Numerous studies have demonstrated the antioxidant, antispasmódico and anti-inflammatory effect of its active ingredients.
Help to improve skin problems.
Alivia urticarias, eczemas atópeaks, dermatosis and psoriasis.
Improve depigmentaci problemsón partial skin.
Ingredients: 100% extract of calaguala (Polipodium leucotomos)
Presentación: Bottle with 90 cávegan psulas of 500 mg

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