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VILEDA TURBO - SET FREGONA SWIVEL Vileda Turbo allows to reduce the effort in the scrubbing thanks to its pedal draining system. Cleans all types of dirt thanks to the mop of Microfibers and Polyamide.Features:Vileda TURBO swivel mop-The Vileda Turbo mop set allows you to clean the floor quickly and effortlessly. The set consists of a hub with spinning draining system that is operated with a pedal and a microfiber and polyamide mop with telescopic stick that collects up to 20% more particles. -It is ideal for any type of surface, even for delicate floors such as parquet and laminates. Specifications:Turbo cleaning effortlessly-Easier to carry thanks to its longitudinal handle. The side opening and pedal handle make it easy to empty.-Wider funnel for easy insertion of the mop into the drainer.-With splash protection to avoid wetting the floor.-Pedal reinforced with fiberglass for greater strength and durability. Increased cleaning-Polyamide red laces collect up to 20% more particles.-Fregona with clean-corner triangular head exclusive for corner cleaning.-With pivoting head that allows cleaning under furniture. -Telescopic stick adjustable in height (55-130 cm).-It can be used on all types of floors.-The mop can be machine washed up to 60o but it is recommended to make with cold water, without centrifuging and without using softenerAs using it-Fill the bucket with water up to the level indicator-Lift the mop and place it on the drainer-Insert the mop into the drainer. Make sure all the laces are inside-Check that the mop is properly placed on the drainer and the stick is completely vertical (90o angle)-Press the cpon pedal on the foot so that the drainer starts spinning. Depending on the number of pressures on the pedal and the force that is made, the mop will be more or less drained-Do not hold the stick tightly so that it can rotate freely. Maintenance-The box includes: 1 hub with drainer per pedal, 1 telescopic stick (top bezel comes separately), 1 triangular shaped mop holder, 1 Vileda Turbo 2en1 mop replacement from Microfibers and Polyamide. -The set is designed so that it can be mounted and disassembled very easily. The head is mounted with a click-clack system that allows you to remove the mop very easily.-Save the bucket in a dry place to preserve the metal parts of the gear. Do not store on damp soil or inside shower or bathtub-The mop can be machine washed up to 60o but it is recommended to do with cold water, without centrifuge and without using softener. EAN: 4023103194113

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