Víctor Blanco Castro Thyme Honey - 2 x 1 Kg

Víctor Blanco Castro

Miel de Lagunas

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It is two jars of honey with a golden hue and sweet taste. Featuresísticas:

  • Extraída naturalmiel;

  • We don't do any filter #250ing;

  • The hives are located in the lower part of Maragatería (León);

  • The colmenar is surrounded by wildflowers, although the predominant flora and #243 flora is thyme;

  • Ideal to combat colds and use in the kitchen as a substitute for azúrefined cares;

  • For its natural characteristicsís;sticas it is often crystallized and acquires a more ás whitish tone. As a solution, #243 keep the honey in a hot place of the house or immerse it in the baño María without boiling water;

  • Net weight: 980 grams each jar.

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