Velandia Face Cream Bio unisex - 50 ml



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Vegan facial cream, certified by V. Label.

Rec. on active ingredients of plant origin with high concentration#243;n that contribute to hydrationón, elasticity and regeneration #243;n cutánea. Attenuating the péloss of firmness and density. Actúa in the más deep layers of the skin.

  • Áhyalurónico biotech ógico, vitis vinífera.
  • alga fucus
  • .
  • joba,
  • Ylang Ylang.
  • water and vegetable extracts.
  • veo,
  • Apta for all skin types. 

Enriched with áhyalurónico of plant origin (obtained from fermentationón wheat peptone, yeast extract and glucose) promotes to maintain 70% más water in the skin than any other substance, providing in the female and male face the #243;n loss hydration that leaves in its wake deep lí#243;n.

Contains #160;extract that is rich in azúhydrating cares, antioxidants, trace elements and minerals, is faithfully used in the biotecnología cosmética, helps increase #160;firmness and activate  microcirculación.

Rica in a high concentration of vegetable assets such as jojoba oil, vitis vinífera. *The percentage of ingredients of vegetable origin is 98%.

The ÁHialurónico acid containing our formulations is of biotechnologicalógico origin. Obtained from fermentationón wheat peptone, yeast and glucose extract, of vegetable origin.  Provides firmness and elasticity, moisturizes the tissues, actúa in the function #243;n cellular, in addition to #225 the productionón of cabbageágeno. Simmondsia Chinnensis Seed Oil *Jojoba oil

Contains áunsaturated fatty cidos that helps to renew the outer layers of the células, retaining water.  An effective active, contains álinoleic acid, known as omega 6.  Its high antioxidant vitamin content C and E, in addition to #225 vitamins A, B and B1, células are healthy for más times.

Persea freesima Oil *Aguacate

Pose a high content of vegetable oils, considered one of the más nourishing oils for the skin, with protective and regenerating effect.  Ideal for mixed/dry or very dry skin.  Rich in vitamins  E, A, B1, B2, B3,áfatty cidos, proteinínas and minerals.

Fucus Vesiculosus Extract *Fucus.

The fucus is a type of seaweed that has a high iodine content. Contains a compound called fucoidan with properties anti-aging, promotes the retentionón of cabbageágeno while decreasing skin thickness and improving elasticity


Objection: attenuate wrinkles and maintain hydrated skin.

Working room: apply mañana and night on face, neck and déco décote, with clean and dry skin.

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