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Ecológico powder food supplement for dogs and cats, combining a select group of súper foods; camu camu, carob and maca in ideal proportions to provide high levels of energía and antioxidants to animals.


  • Recommuniced especially for dogs and cats subjected to high levels of #233;s, poorly fed #243 or exposed to environmental pollutants

  • Stop caíhairy

  • Elevated content of vitamin C, flavonoids and carotenoids

  • Aporte vitamínico and altísima bioavailability

  • Can help dogs and cats prone to recurrent infections

Composición: Algarroba, Maca, Camu Camu. Dehydrated ingredients from ecológica.

Over the ingredients:

  • Caroba provides a good amount of iron and calcium to the supplement, also its high content of magnesium, fósforo, zinc, silicon, manganese and copper make it a very important superfood for active animals. It is also #233;n a good source of energyí as it contains a high supply of natural carbohydrates. It is a powerful antioxidant for its content in tannins, has beneficial effects for the gut microbiota and is an effective anti-diarrhoeal, so it is especially interés for dogs and cats suffering from this type of disorders.

  • The maca has an important #243 concentration of vitamins (B group, vitamin C), minerals (calcium, fósforo, iron, magnesium, zinc) and proteínas. Helps delay and reduce fatigue #237 s&<3> <5>. It is an excellent tónico restorative of the family of adaptógenos, that is, it helps a better adaptation to #243;n to the #233;s. Some studies are #241;alan that maca contributeía to muscle anabolism (símuscle mass ntesis), others have concluded that maca improves capacity and endurance física also ás to maintain hormonal balance, increased energyía and vitality and mental clarity.

  • The camu camu is a wild berry known for being the world's vegetable más rich in vitamin C content, #233 it also contains an abundant amount of phytoquí mycos, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. By composición, camu camu can help stimulate the immune system, fight inflammation#243;n and support digestive health and #243 tissue regeneration

  • In derivatives lácteos or gelatin, without additives, without GMOs, gluten-free, without azúcar añadido, without dyes or preservatives añadidos, without trans fats.

  • Nutritional #243.n information:

    • veggieVital


    • Enería Kcal/Kj 1079 / 258

    • Grassas g 1.45 / of which saturated g 0.1/ of which trans g 0.0

    • Carbohydrates g 81 of which azúcares g 40

    • Fibra g 29

    • Proteins g 7.77

    • al g 0.067

  • The Daily Serving Table:

    • 3-10 Kg 3g x 1 Measurement

    • 10-25 Kg 6g x 2 Measurements

    • +25 Kg 9g x 3 Measurements

  • Eating supplements should not be used as substitutes for a balanced diet

  • Inages for use: to sprinkle on the usual food or dilute in líquidos. From fácil dissolución. Delicious flavor.

  • Conservación: keep in your own bag as it is #225; designedñado to preserve smell and properties perfectly. Keep the product in a dry place, away from sun and humidity.

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