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Ecológico food supplement powder for dogs, composed of a balanced selectionón of súper foods.

Sew wheat, chlorella, milk thistle and spirulina, which promote the process of eliminationón of toxins from the body's órganos filter, especially hígado and colon, and which #225 also contain micronutrients and phytoí high quality

  • Properties:

    • Ideal to help lighten the tóxica load that dogs have due to the consumption of conventional feed of poor quality

    • Actúto bad breath

    • Help to oxygenate the blood and raise the #243 production of it, favoring the detoxificationón of the organism

    • Alth contained in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, rich in proteinínas

    • Alkalizing Properties

  • Composición: Spirulina, Milk thistle, Wheat Grass and Chlorella. Dehydrated ingredients from ecológica.

  • Over the ingredients:

    • The ecológica wheatgrass is obtained from the tender green shoots of this cereal, when it has the nutritional and mineral value más high. It is a great concentrate of nutrients of high bioavailability, exceptionally rich in B vitamins, vitamins C and E and provitamin A. It is especially rich in minerals: iron, manganese, zinc and copper. Therefore, it can help nourish, restore and rejuvenate tissues and óbody organs naturally, increasing energyí and vitality. Gluten-free and highly alkalizing food.

    • Chlorella is a single-celled green microalgae that grows naturally in fresh water.  Its molecular structure allows it to bind (quelación) to heavy metals, which #237;mycos and pesticides found in the digestive tract, preventing these tóxics from entering the blood and helping the body to remove them. Known for having the highest chlorophyll content in the plant kingdom. Your protectína contains all the essential aminoá cidos. In addition#225;s, chlorella contains a water-soluble substance known as Chlorella Growth Factor that stimulates growth and #243;n cell regeneration.

    • The milk thistle is one of the más plants researched and recommended for its beneficial health effects hepática. Numerous studies científicos conclude that milk thistle contributes to stabilize the cell membrane of the hepatoocyte and stimulates the síproteínas accelerating the process of regenerating #243;n of hepático dañado. Marian thistle seeds contain a complex bioflavonoid known as Silymarin, #233;ing an antioxidant that protects the body against the dañor caused by free radicals and peroxidingón lipídica.

    • Spirulina, freshwater microalgae (cyanobacteria), is one of the más foods rich in proteínas of high biológico value from all over the planet, very #225 easy;cil digestión, ready to be used by the body. It #225 also provides an extraordinarily rich content of vitamins, minerals and plant pigments, including chlorophyll (known to increase the ability of blood to carry oxígeno) and carotenoids (antioxidant #243 and pro vitamínica). As a supplement, spirulina can improve nutritional balance, #237;a and weight control and además has magníficas properties to eliminate toxins thanks to phycocyanins (blue pigment).

  • In derivatives lácteos or gelatin, without additives, without GMOs, gluten-free, without azúcar añadido, without dyes or preservatives añadidos, without trans fats.

  • Nutritional #243.n information:

    • VeggiePure 100g Food

    • Enería Kcal/Kj 1414 / 338

    • Grassas g 7.28 of which saturated g 1.05, of which trans g 0.0

    • Carbohydrates g 22, of which azúcares g 1.1

    • Fibra g 15

    • Proteins g 43

    • al g 0.934

  • The Daily Serving Table:

    3-10 Kg 3g x 1 Measurement

    10-25 Kg 6g x 2 Measurements

    +25 Kg 9g x 3 Measurements

  • Eating supplements should not be used as substitutes for a balanced diet

  • Inages for use: to sprinkle on the usual food or dilute in líquidos. From fácil dissolución. Delicious flavor.

  • Conservationón: Store in your own bag as it is #225; designedñado to preserve smell and properties perfectly. Keep the product in a dry place, away from sun and humidity.

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