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Full and balanced dog food, made with 100% vegetable (vegan) ingredients. Formula developed by a specialized veterinary team, suitable for all ages and breeds, covers all needs without supplementing.

  • Our recipe: Proteína de maiz, rice, pea, wholemeal maí, dehydrated potato, wheat #237 protein, beer yeast, barley, soybean oil, carrot, apple, calcium carbonate, phosphate cálcico, sódico chloride, potá chloride; sico, L-lysine, yuca extract, choline chloride, L-methionine, L-triptófano, dehydrated vegetables (alfalfa, pécal#233;ndula talos, spirulina, sage, fenugreek, parsley, scarf, dill) and plant extracts (red fruit extract), león tooth seed extract, mint leaf extract, té seed extract; green, grapefruit extract, orange extract, limón extract, grape granilla extract, cucumber extract, chicory extract (fos rich) , garlic extract, thyme extract, rosemary extract, aloe vera extract, liquorice raíz extract), taurine, natural antioxidants, vitamin premix and trace elements.

  • Over the ingredients:

    • Aptos for human consumption

    • 100% vegetables, 100% natural

    • Libres of addictive substances, flavorings that #237;mycos, addictive substances, medicinal substances toxins and hormones

  • Ament with properties suitable for all types of dogs and especially suitable for:

    • Allergy Problems

    • Overweight and Obesity Problems

    • Hair and skin problems

    • Digestive Problems

    • Symíacos

    • Leishmaniosis

    • Tollelerance to animal protein

    • Indicated in sterilized dogs

  • Vitamins, provitamins, trace elements and minerals per kg:

    • Vitamin A 18000 IU

    • Vitamin D3 1200 IU

    • Vitamin E 150 mg

    • Taurin 450 mg

    • Hierro 190 mg (440 mg Iron Carbonate II)

    • Yodo 2 mg (3 mg potassium iodide)

    • Cote 11 mg (44 mg copper sulfate (II) pentahydrate)

    • Manganese 16 mg (38 mg ómanganese xido)

    • Cinc 145 mg (190 mg ózinc xido)

    • Cinc phyllate 25 mg (250 mg Amino Zinc Chelateácidos)

    • Selenium 0.2 mg (0.45 mg sodium selenite)

    • Adtives of technológicos: antioxidant tocopherols

    • contain methionine

  • Analíethical components:

    • Proteína Gross 25%

    • Grass 10%

    • Gross Thread 3%

    • Matter Orgánica or Ashes 6%

    • Ume 10%

    • Calcio 0.9%

    • Fósforo 1%

  • Adaptación: For the change of feed #243;n not to be abrupt and both its organism and its palate become accustomed to the new food, it is advisable to mix the old feed with the new one from 3 to 5 días

  • Lads: The expiration of our feed is 18 months. They should be stored in dry places away from sunlight

  • Consejo: Whatever the diet of the animals we live with, it is advisable to do an annual analíethics

  • Micrations: The table of recommended rations is indicative. Éstas may vary depending on the age of the animal, the física activity it performs and the climáethical conditions in which it lives. It is important that the dog always has plenty of clean water.

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