Turrones Casinos Lot Nougat Yema Toast 200g + Nougat Guirlache 300g

Turrones Casinos

Turrones Casinos

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The perfect combination #243. Turrón of yolk cream with ground almond and a layer of caramel. Guirlache with whole almond and caramel just to dissolve in the mouth,

  • Turrón Guirlache. Ingredients: marcona almond (70%), azúcar, honey(18%).

    • Sed in two packaged vacío.

    • Weight: 200 g.

  • Turrón Yema Tostada. Ingredients: marcona almond (65%), milk, cream, azúcar (18%), egg yolk.

    • It is presented in a packaged pill when it comes to the vacío.

    • Weight: 300 g.

The product has a durability of 8 months. The expiry date comes on the carton.

Serving in a cool, dry place. You don't need to refrigeratedífico.

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