Trigo y Limpio Galician flour - Lot 2 packs

Trigo y Limpio

Trigo y Limpio

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Lote of two packs of Galician artisanal flour, from the variety of Wheat Callobre with Indicación Xeográfica Protexida:

· 1 pack of 500g Galician flour (80% extracción, unsweeed)

· 1 pack of 500g whole Galician flour (100% extracción, all whole grain)

  • Activate shell grown by us in Pexegueiro, Tui (Pontevedra).

  • Making our name, we work the field in a clean and natural way. Ground in stone mill and unhurried. In the grinding process#243;n the whole grain is respected, obtaining a final flour that includes the wheat germ (part más important nutritionally, but which is not #225; present in the refined flours

  • Down to the bakery force. Characteristic #237 of ancient wheats, but which gives in return great flavor and aroma #237 characters to any elaboration #243;n. Like the one our grandparents remember,

  • Alto íproteína index (12 gr/100 gr product). No preservatives, no enhancers. No pesticides or herbicides are used in the agri-food process.

  • For all kinds of uses in food recipes or repostería.

  • Alérgens: gluten.

  • This is the ideal lot if you are looking for an authentic #233 and tasty gift, for that amig@ or family-friendly kitchens that becomeá loc@ by a natural and genuine product such as our Slow Fariña. Or even for you, if you want to make something to celebrate a special #243;n or just for a good pizza plan and movie, but homemade dough with that taste of real cereal… incomparable with a Tarradellas House, we warned,

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