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The Black Rose Headdress is a símbolo of elegance, #243;n, of true and eternal love. It transmits security, peace of mind, confidence, security, stability and delivery. It belongs to the collectionón “The soul of the Flowers”.

It is a hand-made headdress following the old técnicas of hatsía. Black with sinamay base adorned with two roses in haute couture chiffon and hat veilía.

The timeless #8220 collection ón;The soul of flowers” is done by hand following the ancient handcrafted #233 techniques of hatsía.

What it represents:

  • The black rose is used to distinguish a sophisticated person since it is a símbolo of elegance and #243;n.
  • También represents true and eternal love because it symbolizes a more #225 commitment to allá of the físico.
  • Transmits the message of feelings of delivery, security, peace of mind, trust and stability.

The #241 design is exclusive and based on the beauty of nature, of limited #243 production and made according to the philosophy #237;a of the Slow movement

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