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The protective mother pendant is a síambolo of love and protectionón that mothers bring to their children. In addition#225 helps to sort thoughts, make decisions and clearly express what we think and feel.

Tens to the collectionón “The whispering of the stones”.

Sodalite stone mattress adorned with the sígolden mbolo of the protective mother and topped with blue ribbon.
Clasp musketón adjustable gold. 

The protective mother's sí: The drawing on the stone depicts a mother lovingly holding her baby dá in her arms


The Sodalite Stone: it is called the stone of the inner voice


A this stone is attributed the following properties:

  • Thank her thought takes on greater depth, commands it, and balances,
  • We start to see things with objectivity and clarity,
  • So clears the doubts and also #233;n feelings,
  • Helps us express with objectivity and security everything we feel or think,

Realized by hand and handcrafted. Limited production #243 with its number and #243;n.

Diseñado and produced entirely in España according to the philosophy #237;a of the Slow movement, in a sustainable and ecol-#243;gica.

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