Sagra Potenciano Pink Dragonfly Pendant

Sagra Potenciano

Sagra Potenciano

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The libélula pink choker is an símbolo as of change that brings prosperity, good luck, beauty, peace and unconditional love.

Gargantilla with libégold plated sterling silver lula, rose quartz central stone and colored crystal stones.

Colgante libélula rosa belongs to the collectionón “The whisper of the stones”.

Libégold plated sterling silver lula.

What this pendant transmits to us:

The libélulas: they mean changes that arise that help to resurface. They bring harmonyía, inner peace, good luck, inner beauty, peace and prosperity.

In Japan#243;n the libélula symbolizes éxito, victory, happiness, strength and courage. During the 11th century, Japanese noble families used libélula as an ornament in kimonos, fabrics, furniture…

Además libélula was chosen as one of the parts of the Samurái.

The pink quartz stone: it is called the stone of love and infinite peace


A this stone is attributed the following properties:

  • Atrae love by stimulating the ability to love and be loved,
  • If you've lost your love, it comforts you in grief,
  • Help them understand the dem #225&<3>;s and ourselves,
  • Booking the sorrows and emotions that are not expressed,
  • Alments self-esteem through #233;s of love for ourselves,
  • Returns trust and harmonyíto relationships by attracting unconditional love.
  • Reduce tensions, #233;s and feelings of anger and jealousy.

Ddly the pieces of the collections are made according to the philosophy #237;a of the Slow.


Son pieces of designñor, handmade and produced by hand, #243;n limited.

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