S.C.A. Labradores de la Campiña Extra virgin olive oil Variety 100% Chamomile - 4 bottles of 0.5 L

S.C.A. Labradores de la Campiña

Aceitunas La Prieta

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Arahal is the world's largest producer of Manzanilla and Gordal Table Olives.

Labradores de la Campiña is a cooperative agrícola de Arahal, located in the heartón de la campiña Sevillea, which is dedicated to producing table olive and extra virgin oil. Our fruited oil has a seal of its own identity that makes it único in its género.

The collection of fruit #243 continues to be taken care of as it did antaño. Our effort is #225; aimed at offering the highest quality in all our products always respecting the environment.

  • Includes 4 bottles pet pack, 0.5 L.

  • Sod preferably within 12 months.

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