Mas que Almazuelas Fanny

Mas que Almazuelas

Mas que Almazuelas

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Práctica and pretty riñquality cotton fabricón, double pocket, sturdy and adjustable waistband to fit the waist. 

S limited series.

Ideal to have the keys, the móvil, etc...  

The riñonera can also be carried #233 to the shoulder type crossbody, being glued to the chest.

Available in other fabrics and colors, customizable to the customer's liking

Tamaño: 20 cm (height) x 26 cm (width).

Cinture: 90 cm-130 cm

Cleaning: To maintain in time the colors and quality of the fabric it is recommended to wash by hand in water fría/templada, or to máquina with a delicate program (frío or máximo 30 degrees) and without centrifuge.

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