Retamar Aceite con Alma Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Early Harvest 2020-2021 Bottle 1L

Retamar Aceite con Alma

Aceite Retamar

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Ym early on selected olives at their optimum ripening time; cultivated in our family olive grove of centuries-old plants and collected in the first weeks of October 2020. Natural source of health to take care of you with the best aroma and flavor.

This oil is the result of our firm commitment to quality, sustainability and natural balance. We make it totally cold, from a careful selection of olives, of Verdial and Cornish varieties, which we grow in our family olive grove of Valderenales, in Guareña.

S centenary trees that we care for respecting their balance and biodiversity; we harvest their fruit on the exact day of their optimal maturation. The result is this early oil with a unique organoleptic profile, for its intensity, freshness and richness of nuances. Thus we obtain a natural health source, given its very high content in elements bioactive natural.
Packaged in bottle pet 1L/2L capacity.

  • <ISO 9001: Quality Management: Processing and packaging processes
  • Color, intense green because of the high content of natural pigments such as chlorophyll and carotenoids
  • De en-fruity fruity, harmonious and complex. Its notes evoke wildflowers and almond touches. There are also nuances of rosemary and song and thyme.
  • In the mouth is soft, with fresh and elegant attributes. It stands out with the harmony between its aroma and flavor. In its tasting, the sensation of freshness, with herbaceous and fruity nuances, stands out. 
  • Acidiity, less than 0,14o
  • Oleic Acid, more than 75%, value that is exceptionally high and that positions it as a unique food for health care, metabolic function and disease prevention.
  • Alto value in Polifenoes, greater than 400 mg/kg, antioxidant of natural origin that also gives the oil high stability.

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