Rafa Gorrotxategi Batch Txapelas tangerine chocolate + Marcona almond powder + almond shingles + Nougat with yogurt and currants + Gorrotxas + Panettone

Rafa Gorrotxategi

Rafa Gorrotxategi

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Frutos secos


s ideal sweetloo for Christmas. Includes:

  • Dark chocolate cake 80% orange, in the form of txapelitas
    • Manily make these chocolates in the form of “txapelitas” (berets) milk 42% of the best cocoa and the delicious taste of mandarin.
    • Sin gluten.
    • Contains soy and milk. 
    • Weight: 60 g.
  • Polvorón almond.
    • We make our powders with 34% míelme of repelled almond marcona, ground and in pieces, with a subtle touch of cinnamon and limón, getting an intense almond flavor.
    • Weight: 180 g.
  • Almond clams.
    • Delicious crispy and tasty shingles, handcrafted with the best selectionón of ingredients: almonds, azúcañ brown car;a brown, milk, rice flour and butter.
    • Weight: 150 g.
  • turrón truffle with yogurt and currants.
    • Bean this turrón combining a tender truffle with touches ácidos of yogurt and currant, creating a pleasant pairing.
    • redientes: 19.78% black chocolate cover (azúcar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma), 15.71% white chocolate cover (azúcar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, lactose (milk), skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin), cream, praliné almond (almond and azúcar), almond, milk chocolate 7.7% topping (azúcar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma), azúinverted car, azúcar, butter, water, cocoa butter, pom-pom alcohol, 2.44% yogurt powder (skimmed milk powdered, maltodextrin, dehydrated milk powder from skimmed yogurt (22%), acidulants: ácido cítrico, ácido lácytic; natural aroma; natural aroma , thickener: modified starchón), currant paste 0.91% (glucose syrup, azú syrup;inverted car, blackcurrant (cassis) (8%), beet juice, ethílico alcohol, thickener: modified starchón, natural aroma, acidulant: ácido cítrico, concentrated saúco berry juice), egg white, glucose syrup, ácítrico ií
    • Sin gluten.
    • It may contain traces of lu
    • pins.
    • Turrón diverse.
    • #160;
    • Weight: 250 g.
  •  Gorrotxas.
    • 12 yolk and almond pastries. 
    • Very similar to macarons, #233 they also contain almond, egg and azúcar, having the double almond content and, instead of egg white carried by macarons, contain egg yolks.
    • We handcrafted these delicious pastries with a careful selectionón of ingredients, almond cream, azúcar and candied yolk.
    • redientes: almond (45%), egg, azúcar, glucose syrup, stabilizer: sorbitol, fémaíz, salt, preservative: ácido sórbico.
    • For desserts, or accompanyñi attend with the café.
    • marid with a good cheese,
    • 's a present for Christmas,
    • Sin gluten.
    • Supremaecality,
    • Weight: 360 g.
  • Panettone with chocolate chips and candied orange.
    • Convotiers handcrafted our panettone with sourdough, respecting its slow process of elaboration #243;n, achieving así an unmistakable aroma and a soft and fluffy texture in which an exquisite chocolate and candied orange melts.
    • Weight: 500 g.

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