Quesería La Cueva del Torilejo Semi-cured cheese - 700 g

Quesería La Cueva del Torilejo

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It's a raw goat's milk cheese (Florida breed) from my own #243;n. The feed of #243 these animals is #225; based on grazing in the countryside in the éfew favorable and contribution of mixture of natural grains and fodder in the stable. The cheese is á naturally cured in a cave.

  • The ripening #243 of this cheese is an average of fifty to sixty #237;as.

  • The ingredients we use for #243;n are: milk; rennet and salt.

  • The color we see with the naked eye is a wood color created by the maturation #243;n and the creation #243;n of a natural bark.

  • The sizeño of cheese is smallño (about 700 g).

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