Pur Plant

Pur Plant

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Take care of your plants with 100% natural fertilizers and give new life to your orgánicos waste.
Step 1. Orgánico Fertilizer 500gr When you receive your box, first use the orgánico fertilizer. This fertilizer composed of dehydrated horse #233 titty;rcol can be used for all types of plants and there are three ways to apply it:
1. Apply directly to the plant
2. Mix with substrate
3. Bury a puñado in the ground *We recommend using 50gr per plant
Step 2. The best fertilizer in the world The worm humus is a natural fertilizer that is #225; revolutionizing ecológica agriculture.
Plants have the ability to absorb nutrients and worm humus líchido is due to the quantity and quality of microorganisms contained in the humus that come from the intestine of the worms. 800 ml of Humus of Worm Líquido
Step 3. Straw The straw box can be used to make a natural padding over the plant, as well as #237; you protect it from the sun's rays and maintain its moisture óptima. Step 4. My Urban Compost Reuse the box with the 10 compostable bags included and use it to deposit your orgánicos remains. ¡And give your waste a new life! We give you a couple of bags of seasonal seeds.
Fertilizer Orgánico 500gr
Humus worm 800ml
10 Compostable bags
Suit Urban Compost
Dimension: 30cm x 8cm x 20cm

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