PumarShop Cosmética Natural Pack 2 Natural Solid Shampoos for Dyed Hair 55 g/ud

PumarShop Cosmética Natural

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Champú Sólido Natural para Cabellos Teñidos. With Argán. Vegan Oil, Zero Waste. Soft and Luminous Hair. Craftsman and Ecoló gico. No Sulfates or Parabens. 55 g.

Champú Sólido para Cabellos Teñidos con Surfactant de Origen Natural que además contiene Panthenol (improves appearance, elasticity and gives shine to the hair). A format of Champú Sólido in Pastilla to Respect the Environment

Contains Pantheenol, Argán oil and Coconut. Mango fragrance. Nourishes, Protects and Softens Hair. No sulfates, no Tóxicos. Hair Fácil of Comb and with Shine.

Sargen #225;n Oil provides an Ideal #243 Nutrition to the Hair thanks to its ÁFatty  with Acción Reparative así as a great Hydration& #243;n, of ahí that it is a very Effective Ingredient for Dry Hair. Thanks to its Resistance to Moisture is #225; indicated to have a Soft and Shiny Hair.

Cook Oil exerts a Revitalizing and Protective Effect on the Hair, especially for one of its Áfatty acids (Ácido Laúrico)  that having a low molecular weight, penetrates más Fácilmente in the Hair Fiber and así Strengthen the Folíhair ass, helping así to stop the Caída of the Hair.

Recommended the use of Champús Natural #243;lidos as they #225 are made with Natural Ingredients. Helps protect the environment  as biodegradable packaging is used. They last más Time than the Champús Líquidos and Occupy Less Space. And in addition,#225,you have a Type of ChampúSólido for every Need.

How to use: Frotar the champ tabletú sólido on the hair húmedo until it foams, removes the tablet and continuesúe massaging the hair with your hands so that the product actsúe. Rinse with plenty of water.

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