PumarShop Cosmética Natural Cinnia Natura Ecological Facial Cream Indicated for Oily Skin 50 ml

PumarShop Cosmética Natural

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Soifying Facial Growth Indicated for Oily Skin. Nutre and Tonifica. Calms Irritations, Clarifies Specas and Facial It keeps the Skin Free of Brillos. Extract from Maíz with properties Antiity. 99% Ingredients of Natural Origin (BIO).

This Face Cream contains Fresh Cucumber Extract rich in Vitamins C and B, Minerals, Microelements. Plant Extracts, Vitamin E, Natural Oils and Floral Waxes provide adequate #243 and protect the skin. Recommended for Oily Skin .

The Cucumber Extract, thanks to its High Water Content is the best ally to Moisturize the Skin, in additionás helps to produce Colágeno and Elastin, which help keep the Skin Young and Healthy. With Refreshing and Anti-Inflammatory Properties, they help to relieve Irritated and Reddened Skin.

The maízextract helps protect the skin from the sun's rays and provides an extra colágeno. Macadamia Oil Softens, Moisturizes and Regenerates the epidermis. It is Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle. As it is a Vegetable Oil, it penetrates fácilmente in the Skin, Devolviéndole Elasticity and leaving the face Sedoso.

The Natural Oils of Limón, Gálbano and Castor Dissolve the Remains of Grease and Dirt causing the BlackHeads and the Acné. With Anti-inflammatory properties and Analgésicas at the same time that they function as one of the más Powerful Antibacterials that exist.

Do de Empleo: Sobre la piel limpia, aplicar en Cara, Cuello y Escote  por un suave masaje hasta su total absorción. Apply both by the mañana and at night.

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