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No better emotion #243;n than being yourself. Emotion Gin is a genuine gin with #233;ntico espíritu young. Its carácter is achieved thanks to the distillation #243;n in discontinuous cycle. Enjoy a refreshing gintonic on the beach or tóbad alone to savor all its essence.
EMOTION 2.0 LONDON DRY GIN Premium gin with selected botánicos obtained in still by distillation #243;n in discontinuous cycle. ESPÍRITU JOVEN A clear and clean gin, with a soft and balanced flavor with notes of limón and a long and spicy finish. BOTÁNICOS SELECTED The selected botánicos cómo base of this gin are the enebro and coriander. Emotion Dry is a medium-bodied gin, highlighting in it the aroma of enebro and cítricos.
Peso: 1.27 kg
Dimensions :13 × 9 × 28 c

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