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Platinum Distillery

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Save, sweet and fresh, like the wind that brings with it aromas of strawberries, raspberries and juniper berries. This exceptional gin bases its quality on its selected raw material and on a meticulous #243 process in each of its phases.
A careful selectionón of the ingredients continues with the careful traditional #243 elaboration of its alcohol etílico agrícola, where a triple distillation #243;n and its slow maceration #243;n allows to increase its purity and softness and determine the carácter of this gin.
In addition to the 3 fundamental strawberries, raspberry and juniper berries, Rose of the Winds is also achieved #233;n by using others “botánicos”, such as coriander seeds, Angélica raíz, limón skin, lily raíz and liquorice raíz.
Weight: 1.34 kg
Dimensions: 13 × 9 × 28 cm

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