Plain & Simple Cherry Chutney

Plain & Simple

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Red or black violaáintense cherry ceo endures and makes this chutney the colorful más within how colorful a natural chutney without dyes is. along with the pumpkin chutney this is from the más sweets. Depending on the cherries used the color changes, if you use the variety that grow hereí in the vega, a red más red cherry the color is more pink and if we use the popular Güejar Sierra cherries already at the end of the season the color is darker. The cherries are boneless by hand and the ones we use are the same as putías on your table nothing to use the worst fruit for our jams. It combines perfectionón with Camembert and cheeses of that style and strength and flavor. If you don't like raisins this is your chutney, as it is one of the few who do not carry neither raisins nor dátiles.

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