Tutoke Patch Africa trousers



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The trousersón unisex Patch, is born from the idea of bringing the trend of patchword to fashion.

Our combination #160 #243 of the best quality, colorful and printed fabrics gives it a very #241;ero touch. Your #241;o is with narrow kennel and low shot. 

We also #233;n for a more sustainable world, giving garments greater durability. We achieve this thanks to the belts and wide hems that we incorporate allá the length of the garment, to be able to offer them a designñ or that allows to extend its use as the little one #241; or grows.

It's versatility is that the back of the trousersón is denim, making it #225 easy to combine, and also #225;s the madness that you can wear the front ass and vice versa to wear them both ways.

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