Panadería El Chispa Marcheneros Molletes - Pack 2 dozen

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The Mollete Marchenero is one of the Andalusian gastronómicas. jewelry is a piece of bread with sesame and #237 soft crumb with very fluffy alveoli.

The único alérgeno it contains is gluten, and its consumption período is in the first 3 días, although it can withstand even más. The product can be frozen without any #250;n problem as it does not lose any quality when it comes to defrosting it.

Its ingredients are flour, water, salt, #237; and sourdust.

Van packaged in transparent and closed herméticaly in 6 units.

ever bag of 6 Molletes weighs about 500 grams,


  • KG: 983

  • KCal: 235

  • : 1.9

  • Ásaturated fatty cidos: 0.4

  • Carbohydrates: 49.3

  • Azúcares: 2.6

  • Protectínas: 8.4

  • : 1.6

Its texture is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with a flavor and aroma of sourd dough that transport to the past,

You can enjoy this rich delicacy in breakfast, snacks and even dinners.

Your way of preparing it is to put the whole piece to the toaster and when it isé a little toasted open it and saldrá an exquisite steam from its sockets, you can accompanyñar with any ingredient such as a good olive oil, jamón serrano, butter, paté butter......

Sambién you can join itñar at your dinners más ráorder and make with él a delicious pizza usándolo as a base you añades the ingredients that más like and put it in the oven. a real pleasure for the palate,

The lot consists of 2 dozen, 4 packs of 6 units each,

Processing process #243;n:

  • It is made in our daily work, located in Marchena (Seville).

  • It has an 8-hour #243;n process.

  • It is a process made entirely handmade and manual, as before. Only the kneader is used to mix its ingredients at first and from ahí everything is done by hand.

  • Theete is weighed one by one and each Mollete is shaped, then fermented for about 6 hours and passed into the crushing process by hand to lower the volume and from ahí go straight to the oven until the baker sees them at their point.

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