Olivar de Luna Frasca 50 Ml Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olivar de Luna

Olivar de Luna

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  • Invase of glass that by its dark blue color preserves the oil with all its characteristicsíorganol aestheticsépticas.
  • The idea of presenting our oil in this frasca, which mimics the traditional fragrance of pharmacy, suggests that the essential ecológico oil is a medicine, for its multitude of beneficial health properties.
  • Format very suitable for any type of gift, #243 presentation of oil on the table (restoreón) and ideal to include in the batches of company gifts and Christmas baskets.
  • Ovar de la Luna is a very fruity oil that recalls the flavor of the olive, with some nuances of flavor to other fruits such as apple and almond and the memory of the recién cut herb. Its behavior in the mouth is long, sweet and soft, leaving at the end a slight bitter taste typical of the fruit from which it comes, indicator of its stability, great richness in polyphenols and antioxidants, and high content of vitamin E.
  • Ended 500 ml.

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