Oleum Cinnamon and Ginger Soy Candle on Cement Base


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A cinnamon and ginger soybeans based on cement. Soybeans are 100% natural of plant origin therefore suitable for vegans. Soybean wax is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. In addition,#225;s, soybean candles last 2 or 3 times más that paraffin candles are fully consumed without leaving residue and do not emit tóxicos. 

  • Capacidad: 250 ml  approx.

  • A soybean wax candle presented on a cement base made entirely of artisanal form. Our candles give #225 any #243;n of your home an identity única both for its careful #233;tica and for its subtle aromas.

  • The aroma of cinnamon and ginger is a cú2 of sensations that #225 will make you feel great #237 energy and find your emotional balance.

  • Ingredients: soybean wax and natural aromas.

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