Oleum Beard Set


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BeardSet. Our artisan beard set comes in a wooden case and consists of vegetable soap and a moisturizing oil for your beard.

Basic reasons why you should use beard oil:

  • Hydrates the facial hair and skin under the beard,

  • Removes dandruff from the beard,

  • Vitates the open tips and the fall,

  • Severing freshness and perfume.

The set consists of an oil and vegetable soap:

  • Our beard oil (20 ml) is a mixture of different oils that help keep your beard healthy and manageable. A base of natural oil of jojoba and argan, combined with essential oils of tea tree and rosemary that with its intense and pleasant aromas will nourish your skin and the hair of the beard achieving a great result.

  • Our shaving vegetable soap (40 gr) made with a selection of vegetable oils and essential oils is perfect for daily care of your face and beard. Remove impurities from the skin and keep your beard in perfect hydration.

The best time to apply our beard oil is right after the shower, when the pores of the skin are more open for easy absorption.

Apply a few drops of our oil into your hands, rub them both until they are well impregnated, apply it by massaging your beard with your hands trying to reach every corner.

If you have a very long beard, start at the chin area and go down until you reach it completely, shape your beard with a brush or with the same hands.

enjoy your well-groomed, combed and scented beard!!

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