Noviembre de Olivares de Altomira Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rich in Polynenols and Oleocanthal - Bottle 500 ml

Noviembre de Olivares de Altomira

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Ovars of traditional cultivation. Our recovered olive groves, dispersed in small ñas plots in the Sierra de Altomira, are entirely ecológico and of a variety única and autóctona of the region. 

  • Primer día of harvest. The oil is made with the green olive. We chose the best olive grove, chose the día and the time of collection #243;n to obtain a limited and numbered #243 edition.

  • Excellence in the elaboration #243;n. Our small #241;a, but modern mill, allows us to control at all times the process of extracationón always applying parámeters above the standards #225;standards defined for the extracationón of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • a fresh juice. The olive always harvested on the fly is ground below 18ºC with extremely short smoothing times with this we get the máximo level of polyphenols (404mg/kg) and oleocanthal (143mg/kg).

  • our taste. Fresh oil on the nose and clean on the palate, high fruity with intense notes of fresh grass and tomato. Perfect for raw use and add a special touch to your vegetables, salads, fish or creams.

  • C99th-produced certificate#243;#243;gica by Certifood with nº CP29-2666 (P29C-0091). Natural of La Alcarria: the verdeja or Castellana.

  • 500 ml.

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