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Kale is a kale known as a súperfood thanks to its properties and benefits. Assortment consisting of three flavors: Italian (Tomato, orégano, basil, pimentón, etc) Sweet Moustard (Mostard, honey, limón juice, cúrcuma...) and Chocolate & Cinnamon (Pure Cocoa, Azúcaña

  • Without additives or preservatives
  • 're not baking
  • Sin freír
  • in lyophilize
  • gluten-free
  • BIO Certified by CAECyL Castilla León
The elaboration #243;n is very simple: It is about washing and unhinging the cabbage and after #233;s is battered in a dough based on sunflower pipes and different spices según the flavor we want to give and finally dehydrated about 20 hours at low temperature.

Ecológico Certificate by the Ecológica Agriculture Council of Castile and León: ES-ECO-016-CL

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