Naranjalia Table oranges - Boxes of 10, 15 and 20 kg



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The variety of table oranges beá the one you are #233; at its point ó#243;n at every time of the season.

  • Varis: Navelina at the beginning, Lane Late towards mid-season and the Navel Powell variety at the end.
  • You may appreciate that our oranges are not as smooth and uniform as the ones you can find in the distribution chains#243;n, this is because they have matured in the tree and not in a cámara frigorífica, therefore they have been exposed to the inclement weather and the frictions with the branches
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  • Being a seasonal product and matured in the field, we depend to fix the start and end of the climatología season. The past #241;or, for example, we started with the first oranges in early November and until March approximately.

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