Nao Nature Bio Reusable Hygienic Masks (for adults)

Nao Nature

Nao Nature

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Pack of 5 Hygié&Bio Reusable Masks for Adults.

The Nao Nature mask is a mask approved by the Ministry of Health, following a strict quality control and #243;n, and fed to UNE 0065:2020. Certified by the Associationón EspañTejido wave (AITEX). Its essential characteristics #237 are as follows:

  • Protect against Covid-19.

  • So and protects the sensitive skins of our elderly and #241 small ones

  • Evite it's #241 in the glasses

  • Solyothesothesothest environment


Woven 7532_AMS, double layer, manufactured with Lenzing Lyocell 100% light, white, breathable, hydndoófugo that repels water and microdroplets acting as a barrier for viruses and bacteria. The AMS process increases tissue repellency to splashes, improving user protectionón. It is an environmentally friendly fabric, it is a sustainable fiber, produced ecológica from certified sustainable agriculture wood, these are biodegradable masks at 11 washes.

The material suitable for use in sensitive skin, #225 also has superior capabilities to reduce the growth of bacteria without additives such #237;mycos. 

Advestances: This device is not a medical device (PS) within the meaning of Directive 93/42 or EU Regulation 2017/745, nor an Individual Protection Equipment (#243 PPE) within the meaning of EU Regulation/2016/425.


Realized by AITEX, nº 2020TM394. The fabric is very breathable for the climate that we have (28 PA/cm2) and of very high protectionón (98.91%), fulfilling the objective of manufacturing a safe product and cómode and fácil colocación; that protects us against the Covid-19, and we avoid the environmental impact of disposable masks. No filter needed


Mascara Washing:

1.-Its técnica sheet describes that the product has undergone 5 wash cycles at 60º, dryer drying and subsequent ironing at 150º C, and is accredited according to ún AITEX certified report 2020TM1461 that the mask continues to maintain its protection propertiesón and comfort, being éit is an extreme washing process.

2.-#233;n follow any méall washing those indicated by the Ministry of Health on April 15, 2020:

2.1.- You can immerse the masks in a dilutionón of bleachers;#237;at 1:50 with warm water for 30 minutes, and after #233;s wash with water and jabón and rinse well to remove any remaining bleachers;#237;a and let dry, this process being less aggressive, which allows to maintain the efficiency of the product for many más washes.  

2.2.- Dilute in the 20ml #243 proportion of Sanytol Textil (or any other disinfectant with vifection activityó e;n of hygienéreusable sanitary masks in the provided #243)for every 4 liters of water and leave the mask submerged for 15 minutes. Once the masks are disinfected, it is washedán with plenty of water and soapón to remove any remains that #237;mico and be left to dry #225 before reuse.


No changes or returns are allowed for hygiene reasons.

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