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Better performance - Mitsubishi Electric introduces the new MSZ-BT within the new generation of equipment with refrigerant gas R32. -This unit offers a low sound level of only 19dB, an energy rating of A++ in cooling mode and a very compact design. -In addition, it has the integrated Wi-Fi control as standard which allows you to control your air conditioning from any mobile device or tablet. Perfect balance between efficiency and technology -The MSZ-BT is a unit that has an energy efficiency A++ SEER and SCOP of A++ ranges more than enough when it comes to air conditioning any room. -In addition, this unit has the most advanced improvements at the level of functionalities to facilitate maximum performance and usability by any user. Wi-Fi control included -The new MSZ-BT has the most advanced technology incorporating as standard as the Wi-Fi control that allows you to control the unit from any mobile device or tablet, through the exclusive MELCloud app of Mitsubishi Electric. -MELCloud offers real-time control, scenes and weekly time schedules that provide complete flexibility to control multiple Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning, heating or heat recovery systems from a single device or location. -In addition, it provides local information such as weather forecasts to be able to program the unit according to the expected weather in the area. Low sound level: 19dB -Silence is key to ensure a good rest and maximum comfort both day and night. That's why the new MSZ-BT offers an ultra-quiet mode with a sound level of just 19dB. -On a sound level scale we could liken the sound level of the MSZ-BT to the noise made by the leaves of the trees when falling, that is, an almost invaluable sound to the humane ear that helps to ensure maximum rest in a perfectly air-conditioned environment. Purifier filter included - Indoor air quality in our homes is key, that's why the MSZ-BT purifying filter is capable of capturing suspended particles such as dust and pet hairs, thus providing cleaner and healthier indoor air. Characteristics: -Nominal Cold (Min-Max): 2.5 (0.5-3.0) kW -Nominal Heat (Min-Max): 3.15 (0.7-3.5) kW -kCal/h (cold): 2150 kCal/h -kCal/h (heat): 2709 kCal/h Nominal consumption -Cold: 0.7 kW -Heat: 0.75 kW Annual electricity consumption -Heat (intermediate climatic zone): 577 kWh/year -Heat (Warm climate zone): 268 kWh/year Energy coefficient -EER / COP: 3.57 / 3.57 / 24.20 -SEER (Label): 8.1 (A++) -SCOP (Label) Intermediate climate zone: 4.6 (A++) -SCOP (Label) Warm climate zone: 5.7 (A+++) Indoor Unit -Air flow (Low / Medium / High / Maximum): 4.2 / 5.2 / 6.8 / 8.7 / 10.9 m³/min -Sound level (Low / Medium / High / Maximum): 19 / 22 / 30 / 37 / 43 dB(A) -Sound power: 57 dB(A) -Dimensions high x width x background : 280 x 838 x 235 mm -Weight: 9 kg Outdoor Unit -Air flow: 32.2 m³/min -Sound level: 50 dB(A) -Sound power: 63 dB(A) -Dimensions height x width x depth: 538 x 699 x 249 mm -Weight: 24 kg -Refrigerant R32: 0.5 / 675 / 0.34 Pre-load kg / PCA / TCO₂ eq -Tension/Phases - Maximum intensity: 230/1 – 7.0 V/F – A -Diam. liquid/gas pipes: 6.35 / 9.52 mm -Long. Max. vert/total pipe: 12 / 20 m Operating range -Tª exterior for cooling: -10 ~ +46°C -Tª exterior for heating: -15 ~ +24°C EAN: 8851492269992

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