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This pack of rejuvenating masks, It has been carefully selected by our MiiN Cosmetics Beauty experts. 

Theest masks are the perfect solution#243;n to combat wrinkles, improve the appearance of Líneas de expresión and nourish the skin. 

The rejuvenating pack contains: 

  • Rich Nourishment Mask
  • Beaudiani - Anti Wrinkle Mask 
  • Berrisom - Face Wrapping Mask Collagen Solution 80 
  • Mizon - Joyful time Essence Snail 

The four masks nourish the skin excellently thanks to its powerful key ingredients: ginseng raíz extract (Rich Nourishment Mask); adenosine, algae extract and carrot seed oil (Anti Wrinkle Mask); snail mucin extract and centella asiática (Face Wrapping Mask Collagen Solution 80); colágeno hydrolyzed and betaína (Joyful time Essence Snail).

Skin type: All skin types, especially suitable for dry and mature skin.

Indo of use: 
Indicated on the back of each mask. 

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