MiiN Cosmetics Pack of face masks to Reduce Dialtado Pores

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MiiN Cosmetics

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The masquerade pack to reduce enlarged pores has been carefully selected by our MiiN Cosmetics.

These masks are the perfect solution #243 for purifying and reducing the sizeño of dilated pores.

The pack to reduce the enlarged pores contains:

  • Leaders - Daily Wonders Pore Gone For Good Pore Care Mask. Its ingredients include pine leaf extracts and centella asiática that help minimize shine and visibly reduce enlarged pores.

  • Berrisom - Soda Bubble Mask Aqua Fruit. This bubble mask helps us cleanse the face and pores with carbonated water and fruit extracts. It's perfect for cleaning pores thoroughly,

  • Mizon - Joyful Time Essence Rose. The rose mask contains vitamins A and C, which help effectively reduce enlarged pores,

  • All Natural - Mask Sheet Houttuynia Cordata. Soothing mask with Houttuynia Cordata that offers a #243;n cutálasting nea.

Skin type: All skin types, especially suitable for mixed-fat skin.

Insed mode: Indicated on the back of each mask.

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