Mermelada de Huerta Slightly Spicy Tomato Jam - Lot of 4 Boats

Mermelada de Huerta

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Mermelada artisanal lightly spicy tomato, a product carefully produced by the brothers of the community, Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa María de Huerta. Lightly spicy artisan tomato jam is obtained from fresh, healthy and ripe tomatoes. The tomatoes used in the preparation are carefully selected, washed and separated from stems and leaves, once the selection process is finished they are subjected to a crushing process and then packaged.

The lightly spicy artisanal tomato jam in addition to being an artisanal, organic product, without preservatives or thickeners is carefully elaborated and allows to dispose of the fruit for a long period of time, avoiding seasonality problems, with a longer shelf life than that of an undesed fruit. The slightly spicy artisan tomato jam has a delicious flavor with a soft touch to the palate, can be consumed with meats, fish, roasts or cheese. A delicacy for fruit jam lovers,

Craftcrafted monastic product, elaborated and prepared by the brothers of our community, Cistercian Monastery of Santa Maria de Huerta in a climate of prayer and silence, manual work that unies with God and all mankind. The factory is registered in the registry of the community of Castilla León as a factory of artisanal work.

  • : 100% tomato, cayenne and sugar. May contain traces of nuts.

  • Thote of 4 boats of 300 or 500 g c/u.

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