Mariña Selecta Saco IXP Faba de Lourenzá 1 Kg

Mariña Selecta

Terras da Mariñas

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The Faba de Lourenzá Mariña Selecta is a food of exceptional quality. Its controlled process of planting, growing, collecting #243;n and stored makes us obtain a product of texture and flavor únicos.

Presents qualitative characteristics #237 that differentiate it from other beans and that make it highly demanded by consumers. It has an exceptional culinary quality motivated by its low proportion#243;n of skin (between 8-10%); for its high capacity for absorption #243 of water, greater than 100%; and for its cocción behavior, achieve #233d whole and complete grains at the end of the process, in which the pasture of its pulp, free of lumps and little differentiated from the skin stands out.

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