Manxares da Saínza Alison Potato Bag 1 Kg Medium Calibre

Manxares da Saínza

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Sarison potato bag of 1 kg, medium caliber. The Alison potato also #233 called the fake kennebec is a very soft white textured potato suitable for any type of use, whether fried, roasted, cooked or puré.

A completely natural cups packed in paper bag perfect for #243;n.

The energético content of 100 grams of potatoes is 77 heatías.

The preferred consumption is approximately 5 weeks but always depends on the conservation #243;n.

It is recommended to keep them in a cool, dry place and protected from light.

The time óptimo of consuming them is during the winter as they are collected in late September, early October and are #225 in perfect condition all winter and part of spring.

The place of elaboration #243;n are the farms where we are located in Saínza, Rairiz de Veiga, Ourense where they are sown and collected without añadir ningún type of product químico ni phytosanitary.

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