Mabelcuero Taller Artesano Field Backpack - Leather Zurrón

Mabelcuero Taller Artesano

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  • Ésta country backpack or zurrón hunting delights anyone who likes to walk the mountain. It is large and strong, with a nice designñor on the top made with a leather seam in two colors.
  • It has a pocket on the back outside, which is often used to carry the documentation #243;n of the hunt.
  •  It has another outer pocket at the front. The lid is closed with buckle which is of the systems más safe.
  • The shoulder straps are wide so that they do not get stuck if it is carried very loaded, are regulated with buckles and also ás have a piece to be able to carry them fastened to the height of the chest and that the backpack does not move if you walk or run with it, which allows to always carry it well attached to the back.
  • Éthis part can be disassembled if it is not necessary to use it.
  • Tambi #233&;n has a piece of leather shaped like a handle to be able to hang it on a sidekún clothes rack or chair.
  • * If we have stock, at 24-48 h. ** If we do not have stock, manufacturing time #243;n and delivery in 15 días.
  • 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

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