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It repues! is a Practical Guide to Successful Rural Repopulation.
This book helps People, Companies and Administrations that want to restart their life in the Rural Environment or attract new investments and especially people to live in it.
Living in a village is not the same as going to an urbanization with a pine forest and swimming pool. Life in the village is being part of a community.
In the villages you can do almost the same things as in the cities, also having many complementary advantages such as cheaper energy, greater health and a huge potential for entrepreneurship.
Almost all companies that are in an industrial estate can restart their activity in a town obtaining greater profitability and having their staff happier, with fewer sick leave and being able to reconcile personal and work life.
In the book Repuebla ! multiple entrepreneurship proposals are proposed, which can help anyone who moves to live one and even the people who live in it and who have an interest in staying.
Not all ideas of entrepreneurship are for all peoples nor are all peoples suitable for some ideas. It is important, therefore, to make an analysis of the people and study the competition and the market before putting any of the multiple initiatives that are presented in motion, but having the idea and having an unattended need, the rest is the usual design process of the company.
The Public Administrations can, through this book find formulas and suggestions that could help them in the processes of rural repopulation and is suitable for all types of Administrations, of any rank.

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  • Editorial:   Neorurals; second edition (3 October 2021)
  • Language:   Spanish
  • Softcover   : 327 pages
  • ISBN-10   : 4377778374
  • ISBN-13   : 978-4377778373
  • Product weight
:   717 g
  • Dimensions:   17.78 x 1.88 x 25.4 cm

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